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Buyer's Guide

Buyer’s Guide for Dental Insurance and Discount Dental Plans

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Supplemental Dental Insurance

Medicare policy holders typically purchase supplemental dental insurance to get needed dental coverage that is not offered on basic Medicare policies. Supplemental dental insurance may also refer to plans that are purchased by individuals who already have dental coverage, but who need extra benefits or coverage in excess of what their current policy provides.

Do you have supplemental dental insurance?

We sure do. See the next few sections to get more details on what to look for depending on your situation.

(1) Supplemental Dental Insurance for Medicare

If you are a Medicare policy holder without dental coverage then you'll want to look for any of our plans that meet your needs. You can start with the Which Plan is Right for Me? article in this Buyer's Guide to give you some guidance on how to start looking.

(2) Supplemental Dental Plans for Individuals and Families with Existing Dental Coverage

If you are an individual or family who is in need of more dental benefits, either because you have exceeded you plan's annual maximum or because your plan does not cover a needed procedure, then you'll likely have very specific needs. If you have exceeded your annual maximum, you may want to look at picking up an HMO dental insurance plan which features no annual limits and no deductibles. For those who are looking for their dental plan to cover a specific procedure, make sure after you get your Free Quote that you examine the plan details pages of the plans that interest you to see if the procedure you need is covered.

How expensive is supplemental dental insurance?

Dental Insurance Store carries dental insurance policies that can act as a supplemental dental plan that start at just $6.95 per month. Enter your age and zip above to get a list of plans available in your area.

How would I know if my primary dental insurance will coordinate benefits with a supplemental dental plan?

That is a great question. Coordinating benefits policy has a significant affect on how much you pay for services so it's important to know how (and if) your primary plan handles coordinating benefits. Often this information can be found in your original dental insurance paperwork, but not always. If it isn't, call your plan's member services department and ask where it can be found. If an insurance plan won't specify their policies, escalate your request. 

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