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Buyer's Guide

Buyer’s Guide for Dental Insurance and Discount Dental Plans

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Discount Dental Plans

Discount dental plans are not insurance policies but rather "discount clubs" where you get access to deep savings on many dental procedures by visiting a dentist in the discount provider's network. Discount dental plans include no waiting, no annual limits on use, and quick activation times.

Do you have dental discount plans at Dental Insurance Store?

Yes we do. Most of the discount plans we offer are nationally known, enjoy wide acceptance by dentists and some include orthodontia and cosmetic discounts.

How expensive are dental discount plans?

Our discount plans begin at just $6.95 a month, and family rates begin at under $20 a month.

What are the features of a discount dental plan?

These products feature quick activation times and no waiting which means you can get into the dentist really quickly to take care of any urgent needs you have. In fact, discount plans are the product of choice for those suffering from an immediate dental problem. Additionally, discount plans have very low monthly fees which make them one of our lowest cost options.

Can you give me an example of how much I could save?

Let's take root canals as an example. Fees vary by provider, but molar root canals generally cost at or close to $1,000 without any insurance or discounts. With one of our nationally known discount plans, a molar root canal would cost just over $400.  A traditional insurance plan would cover no more than 50%, so it is possible that in many instances, a discount plan can save you as much or more than regular dental insurance.

Can I see any dentist using a dental discount plan?

Similarly to traditional insurance, you must see a dentist that accepts the discount plan to get your savings. Our discount plan partners have extensive networks in 48 states so you should have no problem finding a dentist in your area. If you wish to remain with your current dentist, we recommend getting a quote above to see what discount plans are available in your area, and then use the dentist lookup feature for each plan to see if your dentist is included.

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