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Buyer’s Guide for Dental Insurance and Discount Dental Plans

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Indemnity Dental Insurance

Indemnity dental insurance is the only plan type that provides the freedom to visit any dentist you wish. Sometimes referred to as a “traditional dental plan” or a “fee for service dental plan”, indemnity dental plans pay a percentage of your fees for covered services, usually 80%  by the plan and 20% by you.

Does Dental Insurance Store offer indemnity dental insurance?

Yes we do. Dental Insurance Store has several indemnity dental plans from nationally known carriers such as Delta Dental, including some that cover orthodontic procedures. If you want to learn more about indemnity plans in your area, enter your information in the Get Quote box to the right of this page.

How much does an indemnity dental insurance plan cover?

Indemnity dental plans all quote coverage in terms of a percentageThe percent covered is the portion that your insurance company will pay your dentist for any services rendered.

What are the benefits of an indemnity plan over some of your less expensive plans such as a DHMO?

Indemnity plans allow you to visit any dentist you'd like. While Indemnity plans do carry the highest monthly premium of any of our products, the insurance company will reimburse you on work from any dentist you visit. This is a great option for people who want to remain with their current dentist, people who move frequently, or those who do not have any "network" dentists from another insurance company that are conveniently located.

I need a major procedure, like a root canal, done right away. Would you recommend an indemnity dental insurance plan?

No. Indemnity plans usually require waiting periods of no less than 12 months for major services, so in this instance you may be better served by looking for a dental HMO plan, or a discount dental plan.

What are annual maximums and deductibles and how do they affect my coverage?

Great question. Indemnity dental insurance can be confusing at times because there are many details to track. See our section on Annual Maximums and Deductibles for a definition of these terms and their implications for your coverage and out of pocket costs. 

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