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4 Tips to Save the Most Money

1. Preventive Care

Make sure you’re taking advantage of regular periodic preventive checkups based on your dentist’s recommendation. Those diagnostic procedures, cleanings and scalings, etc., will prevent small problems from developing into bigger, more expensive and harder to treat problems later...

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Smile Solutions

Need a Dental Implant? Here's How a Discount Dental Plan Can Make It Affordable

Example Situation: Single, living in a major metropolitan area and needing a plan that can save you money on dental implants.

Solution: Dental implants are becoming a popular alternative to bridges or dentures...

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Agent Straight-Talk

Back to School Snack Ideas

Ready or not the kids are back to school. That means it’s time to brainstorm on some oral healthy snack ideas to feed your little mini-me's after a busy school day of stuffing their brains full of facts and figures. 

Below are some ideas we hope are honor roll-worthy and will earn you a good report card from the pint-sized food critics in your household: 

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