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New British camera identifies cavities early

Jun 04, 2012

A clinical digital camera that takes images of the mouth and reveals early problems like cavities and plaque before they are visible has been developed by a scientific team from the University of Liverpool.

iDENTifi, the innovation which uses qualitative light induced fluorescence (QLF) technology, incorporates blue light and special filters to take oral images. The images can then be transferred wirelessly to a computer, laptop, iPad or smart phone for dental professionals to use in consultation and evaluation.

The small digital camera not only reveals potentially damaging plaque and tiny cavities, it does so without the use of unsightly dyes or disclosing agents. Supporters of the new technology say iDENTifi can potentially improve preventive dental needs and could help prompt the change of a patient’s dental care and diet.

The new technology could be of particular benefit to those wearing orthodontics as it highlights plaque left behind after brushing, researchers say.

Based on a concept developed over a decade ago at the University of Liverpool, iDENTifi won Britain’s prestigious 2012 Medical Futures Award last month in the Dental and Oral Health division.

The Medical Futures Awards are a national showcase celebrating clinical and commercial excellence that help encourage, support and reward new ideas and advancements that can improve people’s lives.

 “Winning this award will give us access to business expertise and networks which will help iDENTifi secure the recognition and investment needed to become a viable dental healthcare product,” said Professor Sue Higham, Department of Health Services Research and School of Dentistry.

Jointly developed by a team from the University of Liverpool and dental healthcare developer Inspektor Research Systems BV,  iDENTifi is expected to be launched this summer.

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