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New Mouthwash May Clean Mouth and Arteries

Apr 26, 2013

New mouthwash may clean mouth and arteries
Photo source: Biomedical Development Corporation

Killing two oral health birds with one personal hygiene stone may be easier than ever if preliminary findings released earlier this week prove accurate in follow-up studies.

Biodmedical Development Corporation (BDC) of San Antonio, Texas, presented data Tuesday to the American Academy of Oral Medicine that its once-a-day iodine mouthwash may clean your mouth and your arteries.

The primary reason for the study was to show that BDC’s oral rinse was safe and effective at fighting gingivitis. In fact, the preliminary clinical trial showed no adverse effects.  But a surprising finding of the study was that users of the 30-second oral rinse showed significantly lower LDL cholesterol levels than the other group.

The BCD product named iCLEAN is designed as a once-daily, 30-second oral rinse. The active ingredient is a proprietary formula based on iodine. Iodine addresses a variety of important roles in the human body, according to The National Institutes of Health Office of Dietary Supplements, from helping the thyroid to function properly to contributing to the immune response system,

“We didn’t expect to see any difference in LDL (bad) cholesterol,” said Dr. Charles Gauntt, the study’s main investigator. “We expected to see improvements in oral health and we did. But we also monitored a number of biological markers for inflammation.”

Because there is a close link between oral health and cardiovascular health, Dr. Gauntt believes BDC’s oral rinse, along with proper nutrition and exercise, may eventually prove to be an important tool in keeping both mouths and cardiovascular systems healthy.

Dr. Gauntt says more study is needed, and a Phase II trial is being conducted currently by the Center for Oral Health Research at the University of Kentucky.

While clinical trials are ongoing, a specific formulation of the product designed for general mouth cleaning called iClean(R) will be available soon. For more information, go here.

Sources: WSJOnline

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