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Bite and Grind Your Teeth Clean in Seconds

Oct 07, 2013

Bet you never read this in a Buck Rogers comic strip. A group of dentists and engineers, using a combination of 3D technology, have created a teeth-cleaning system that reportedly can clean your teeth in six seconds.  

That’s a perfect brush in 0:06, or roughly the same amount of time than it takes many of us now to just apply toothpaste to a toothbrush and insert it in our mouth before we begin the recommended 2-minute brushing.

Blizzident Teeth-Cleaning System
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According to its website, the new Blizzident teeth-cleaning system can clean your teeth ultra-fast because it is custom designed for specific mouths by combining 3D scanning and printing technology. Because the Blizzident system is tailored to a user’s teeth, once inserted its bristles are placed at 45-degree angles on the surface of the teeth and along the gum line. This allows the system to clean teeth perfectly by the user simply biting and grinding their teeth.

Blizzident’s website says that biting and grinding the device mimics the recommended tooth brushing technique known as the “Modified Bass” and “Fones” technique. As the user bites and releases the device 10 to 15 times then grinds their teeth, the device and its 400 bristles vibrate, jiggle upwards, downwards and in slightly circular movements. This purportedly cleans the space underneath the gum line in addition to cleaning all the tooth surfaces perfectly.

To enjoy a perfect brush from the 3D printed toothbrush, it’s vital that the company has a perfect impression of a user’s teeth.  They do this by having users take teeth impressions from a dentist’s office.  The impression is sent to a dental lab, where it is digitally scanned and uploaded to Blizzident. This costs the company $75-$200.  From the digital impression the company then creates a plastic brushing system and the device is then sent to the customer for $300.

Blizzident hopes their costs to produce their device drops significantly in the future, but even if it does annual bristle replacements are priced at $159. “Refurbished” tooth cleaners sell for $89.

For those skeptical about spending $300 for a teeth-brushing system, consider this: the Blizzident device has a slot for dental floss, although that will add a few seconds to your daily regimen.

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