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5 Easy Steps to A+ Kids’ Oral Health

Feb 28, 2014

Happy National Tooth Fairy Day! First thing we did this morning was look under our pillow for a couple of bucks, but sadly all we found was a t-shirt, part of a cookie and a peppermint Tic-Tac®.

National Tooth Fairy Day

As Dental Wire closes National Children’s Dental Health Month, we want to leave parents with 5 simple tips that can help keep kids’ smiles healthy and bright 12 months a year. Hat tip to the American Dental Association (ADA) that knows a thing or two about healthy teeth and good oral hygiene:

  • Brush, Floss & Repeat Often Teach your kids to brush twice daily for two minutes each time. 2min2x may look like an algebraic formula, but brushing twice daily really isn’t rocket science.
  • Watch What They Drink Harmful acidic drinks like carbonated sodas, sports and energy drinks are as deeply ingrained in our culture as smart phones and debit cards. Encouraging kids to swap those drinks for water and low-fat milk can make a huge difference between six-month dental visits.
  • Snacks & Lunches Monitoring what children put in their pie holes during school lunches and snacks isn’t always easy, but it’s always the right thing to do. Whether your child eats a hot school lunch or brings something from home, make sure it’s nutritious and well-balanced. A healthy dose of fruits, veggies and fibrous foods can do wonders to keep their teeth in good chomping shape. Ditto with all their snacks between meals. Sour candy, donuts and cupcakes may taste good, but when it comes time for their bi-annual checkup, dentists don’t grade on the curve.
  • Chew Healthy Gum If your kids are allowed to chew gum in school or when hanging out with friends, make sure it’s sugarless gum. Chewing sugarless gum after eating increases saliva flow and helps neutralize food particles and acid-producing bacteria. And if you give them gum with Xylitol you may earn a smile from your dentist.
  • Honor Thy Dentist Visits If there are ever a set of dental commandments etched on stone, surely this should be one of them. Regular dental visits help prevent minor oral health issues from becoming major ones. Practicing preventative dentistry can also save money, protect your general health and ensure you are getting the most from your dental plan.

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