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Useful Steps to Prep Before a Dental Visit

May 15, 2014

By Dean George

Did you know that only 50 percent of Americans regularly visit the dentist?  If you are part of the 50 percent that don’t visit the dentist regularly - we need to talk! If you are part of the 50 percent that do, give yourselves a pat on the back for taking charge of your dental health.

Because those who regularly visit the dentist are, ahem, “responsible” – and because they “make” the time to treat your teeth right, below are some organizing tips to try before your next checkup. See if they save you time and effort!

  • Confirm Your Appointment Many dentist offices will call a day or two before a patient’s appointment, but if yours does not call their office to confirm the date and time of your scheduled visit and that they take your insurance plan.
  • Dental Records Access If you are a new patient, confirm that your dental records have been transferred to your new dentist. This can save time during your visit and may help the dentist on his initial oral evaluation.
  • Arrive Early Even if you are a returning patient there are always forms to fill out.  No one likes to feel rushed before a dental checkup and arriving early will give you time to relax and ask any questions of the staff.
  • Have Your Medical/Rx Information Ready Patient information forms ask a lot of questions so be ready to provide your medical history and insurance information. If you are a returning patient, be sure to inform the staff of any changes to your dental insurance, new medications and to discuss any health changes with your dentist.
  • Be Open with the Dentist If you’ve had any problems with your teeth, gums or oral health in general, you should share that first thing with the dentist before the exam. Discussing any pain or discomfort you’ve experienced between visits can help the dentist on what to look for during the exam and could influence his or her treatment recommendations.
  • Honesty is the Best Policy Answer the dentist’s questions truthfully, including your brushing and flossing routine and the last time you visited a dentist. There’s nothing to be gained by fudging the facts, but withholding information can harm your dental health and make it harder for the dentist to correctly diagnose and treat your condition.
  • Post-Treatment Advice Follow your dentist’s post-treatment guidelines closely and follow up promptly if any problems persist.
  • Schedule Follow-up Visits or Treatments Many dental offices will offer to schedule your next six-month exam before you leave the office. If follow-up treatment is required before your next routine visit, be sure to note the time and date and block out the time on your work calendar while it’s fresh in your mind.  

Delaying recommended treatment for any reason can lead to needless complications and unnecessary expense later. If you are concerned about costs of these treatments, the office can give you a reliable estimate as to what the cost will be.

Lacking dental insurance is the main reason people fail to visit the dentist regularly. Unfortunately, what many learn too late is that the longer they go between dental visits, the more likely they are to have to pay more to correct their problem.

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