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7 Healthy Reasons to Smile

Aug 21, 2014

By Dean George

It has been said that when you smile, the world smiles with you. That’s a great sentiment, but the benefits of smiling also have many health and personal benefits. Research over the years has revealed that smiling can also boost health, increase life expectancy, improve moods, boost careers, and significantly influence others.

simple act of smiling

So how does the simple act of smiling have such a positive effect on our health? Here are seven ways smiling is a good investment on our health:

1. Lowers Heart Rate People who regularly smile and laugh are less likely to suffer heart disease because smiling slows the heartbeat and releases endorphins that prompt the body to relax.  Smiling also reduces blood pressure. One study noted that people who smile live seven years longer than those who rarely smile.

2. Kills Pain Many of the endorphins released when we smile act as natural painkillers. Research has shown that both smiling and laughter lessen pain.

3. Boosts the Immune System Smiling enables our immune system to work better because it relaxes our physical bodies and central nervous system. When we’re relaxed our immune system responds more quickly against germs that make us more susceptible to colds and flu viruses.

4. Exercises our Facial Muscles When we smile, we use five to 53 different muscles. That helps keep a face toned and helps repel frown wrinkles. On a side note, on average women smile 62 times a day compared to just eight times a day for men. Need we say more?

5. Reduces Stress Again with the endorphins? Yes, studies show that the endorphins released when we smile counteract the stress hormones blamed for many of today’s health problems. When we are stressed it shows on our face, but smiling acts as an offset to stress and can even help…

6. …Improve Moods Smiling can actually trick your mind and body by changing your mood. Think of it as mind over badder matter. Who knows, even a forced smile could take root and blossom into a sincere smile during the day.

7. Look Younger Smiling costs less than any of the countless anti-aging creams and vitamin supplements available today. And unlike Botox treatment, there’s no face freezing or headaches. The facial muscles we use when smiling provide a natural face lift and make us look three years younger on average. And did we mention smiling is free?

Clean, white teeth are essential to a healthy smile. Many of our dental plans have no waiting periods on teeth cleanings twice a year, and some of our plans offer these “smile tune-ups” at no charge. If you’d like to see plans available in your area, click here. What you find may just put a smile on your face – and help keep it there!

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