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Coming Soon - A New Kind of Breath ‘Mint’

Jul 21, 2015

By Dean George

For techies who impatiently await the latest technology apps with baited breath, here’s some exciting news that may take their breath away.

Okay, maybe it won’t actually leave them breathless, but reportedly Mint, a new device to be released soon by Breathometer, Inc. will accurately measure a person’s breath quality and hydration level in their mouth. The only technology requirement needed to use the device will be a smart phone.

Mint is a portable device containing sensors that will measure the volatile sulfur compounds, or VSCs, created by anaerobic bacteria biofilms in the ol’ pie hole.

As previously reported in Dental Wire, the bumps and ridges in our tongues make an excellent breeding ground for VSC’s. VSCs are also fed by certain foods and beverages we consume. Regardless of their origins, VSCs can sour our breath and may also indicate tooth decay and gum disease.

The Breath Quality sensor in the Mint device uses an electrochemical fuel cell and other sensors to measure VSCs like hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan and hydrogen disulfide levels. These are the VSCs that often cause bad breath and can lead to anxiety in personal and professional situations.

Mint will allow users to test their breath by placing the portable device in their mouth for five to 15 seconds to draw a sample of their air quality. Within seconds the Breathometer app on their smart phone will display their breath quality and show their level of hydration.

Director of Business Development, Carla Brenner, said the breath analysis is done by measuring a complex mixture of chemicals, removing specific biomarkers out of that mixture and measuring them in parts per billion.

The device also assesses hydration levels by measuring the moisture level of the mucus membrane in the mouth, because hydration is where bad breath first shows signs of impact. Mint will also make recommendations on how users can freshen their breath by improving overall hydration goals.

Breathometer says the initial target market for Mint is younger people since they enjoy new technology, but eventually a wide range of different age groups are expected to use the device.

Mint is expected to become available to the general public in August.

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