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Is Sage the Rage for Improving Oral Health?

May 16, 2018

By Dean George

Everyone fond of Grandma’s turkey dressing every Thanksgiving knows what sage is, but how many of us knew that it may also be good for our oral health?

Sage has been known for years as a natural herbal remedy with potent healing properties, but did you know that chewing sage leaves can clean the mouth and freshen breath?

This isn’t necessarily news to some holistic mouthwash and toothpaste manufacturers because they use sage as an ingredient in their formulas. Mere fresh breath might seem like a minor benefit though, compared to the Oral Health Foundation findings below. 

The foundation reports that the antioxidant found in sage leaves may also be helpful in improving overall oral health due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

In one study involving rats induced with Periodontitis, researchers found that treating those rats with a type of sage significantly reduced inflammation.

In a randomized clinical trial involving 70 girls with dental plaque ages 11 to 14, half of the study group used a sage mouthwash for three weeks. After the test period researchers found that the sage mouthwash notably reduced the Streptococcus mutans bacteria found in dental plaque.

Further setting the stage for sage, a third study involved 60 subjects: half of them had gingivitis and the other half had mouth ulcers. Both groups used mouthwash infused with sage for six days.

The group with gingivitis showed significant improvement and healing from day one of the trial to the sixth day. The group with mouth ulcers also demonstrated marked improvement for each day they gargled with the sage mouthwash.

Based on experience and the rich history of sage throughout human history, is it any wonder that sage could be the rage for future oral health happiness?

Skeptics may choose to accept the curative properties of sage with a grain of salt, but others may gauge using sage for improved oral health as sage advice to heed.

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