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Artificial Intelligence Meets Toothbrushing

Mar 05, 2019

By Dean George

Unless you are a conscientious objector to new technology, there’s a good chance you rub cyber elbows with artificial intelligence several times daily.

Email programs offer spam filters, can prioritize your email and provide automated responses.

Smart phones feature smart personal assistants, voice to text capability and GPS coordinates.

Operating systems like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge allow you to customize your news feeds, feature preferential ad targeting, and offer relevant search capability and product comparisons.

It was just a matter of time before some genius introduced a way of using artificial intelligence, or AI for the syllable-challenged, to convert oral awareness to oral awesomeness.

On February 25th, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Oral-B introduced GENIUS X – an electric toothbrush that uses artificial intelligence to help users brush smarter, not harder.

How does artificial intelligence help with toothbrushing? (No asking your smart phone’s personal assistant – that’s cheating.)

Proctor & Gamble, the parent company of Oral-B and the GENIUS X toothbrush, says its new product has been programmed with thousands of brushing behaviors and can identify a user’s own unique brushing style.

AI factors in when it evaluates a user’s personal brushing style and compares it against best practices.

What’s more, once it analyzes how a user is brushing, it coaches them with an app on how to improve their toothbrushing technique by walking them through different stages of the toothbrushing process in real time.

Missed a spot when brushing – the app will alert you. Brushing too hard – the app will let you know that, too.

At the Barcelona product launch Oral-B representatives reported that on average most people only brush 30-60 seconds rather than the recommended two minutes.  Using the GENIUS X app, they say that users averaged 2 minutes and 22 seconds brushing their teeth.

Score one for AI and oral awareness.

If Oral-B has its way, this is only their first foray into using AI for improving oral health.

Eventually Oral-B envisions sensors in their roundhead toothbrushes that will monitor and transmit data to a dentist office or other health professional.

“Imagine: What if a future dental device could tell all you need to know about personal health and could connect directly with your dental and health professional whenever it’s needed, seamlessly, and as early as possible,” said Stephen Squire, Oral B’s global Brand Director.

According to Squire, Oral-B is working toward a future that will enable people to self-monitor their health as part of their daily oral care habit.

For now, though, users will have to settle for a state-of-the-art electric toothbrush with AI capability that can help coach them to better brushing habits through each stage of the brushing experience.

Oral-B's GENIUS X is expected to hit retail shelves this summer with a price tag of $279. It will come with a travel case that can charge the toothbrush and a separate USB port that can charge a smart phone or other portable device.

Available colors will be white, black, anthracite gray, pink and orchid purple.

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