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Managing Stress, Oral Health and You

Apr 09, 2019

By Dean George

You know you’re stressed out when you lay awake all night worried about grinding your teeth in your sleep, but you only actually grind them the next day at work -  when the boss finds you asleep due to sleep deprivation from stressing about grinding your teeth. 

This is just one humorous example of how stress can affect oral health, although stress is usually more subtle. 

As previously noted on this site, there is no denying we live in stressful times.  Studies show that stress can be naturally occurring, but its excessive stress that can lead to unhealthy habits that can adversely affect oral health. 

“It’s important for people to recognize that their stress could be affecting their oral health and to continue to share their oral health questions and concerns with their dentist,” says Dr. Nada Haider, a practicing family dentist in Canada and president of the Nova Scotia Dental Association. 

Dr. Haidar’s organization recently published its 2019 Nova Scotia Oral Health Report’s results on how stress can impact oral health. 

According to the report, stress can manifest itself in myriad ways: teeth grinding, canker sores, and dry mouth are three of the most common ways.  

Left untreated, all these stress indicators over time can go from a nuisance to major problems requiring eventual treatments with periodontists, endodontists and oral surgeons. 

Unhealthy stress is a two-edged sword because aside from stress itself, how people cope with it often has oral health repercussions, too. 

“In stressful situations, some individuals will rely on unhealthy habits to cope such as smoking, alcohol consumption, cannabis use, and sugary foods and drinks,” the report says.

We have previously reported on many of these habits, including cannabisvaping and sugary drinks

“These habits can have adverse effects on oral health with links to gum disease, oral cancers and tooth decay,” the Nova Scotia report said.

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