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Mobile Dental Office Has Successful Roll-out

Jun 20, 2019

By Dean George

Once upon a time before dental insurance plans and automobiles, dentists sometimes made house calls. 

When they did house calls magazines found in residential “waiting rooms” were probably more current then than those found in dental offices today, but I digress.

A husband/wife entrepreneurial team and their brainchild “Henry the Dentist” have set out to change the dentist/patient paradigm, and if their early “roll out” is any indication, hundreds if not thousands of dental appointments may soon be receiving dental treatment at their work address. 

What is Henry? It’s a mobile dental practice equipped with the latest dental technologies to provide fast, comfortable treatment for patients at their workplace. 

Henry is the brainchild of Henry CEO Justin Joffe and Chief Brand Officer Alexandria Ketcheson. The two former retailer executives saw a market opportunity in providing an innovative dentistry option.   

Ironically, neither had any previous experience in dentistry, but Ketcheson’s expertise in branding and consumer experiences and Joffe’s background in strategy and raising capital helped the entrepreneurs launch a mobile dental fleet in 2017. 

The couple, who have married since Henry saw its first patient on September 12, 2017, brought in longtime friend Dr. Jeffrey Rappaport of Manhattan as its first dentist and now dental director. 

The key to Henry’s success is simple: bringing the dental office to the patient at their workplace makes it easier for them to have regular dental check-ups. 

Last month when Henry stopped at the parking lot of Unilever’s USA New Jersey headquarters, appointments were already filled for the entire visit.  Fifty-five percent of Unilever employees said in a survey the month before that they and their immediate family members had gone more than two years since their last dental check-up. 

That fact is a big reason why Joffe and Ketcheson launched their start-up: bringing dentistry to the patient saves people time, money and hassle from taking off work. 

The mobile dentistry concept has lots of potential if you think of it this way: no more missing work due to dental appointments; wide acceptance of all major insurance plans offered by employers; and costs and procedures are covered exactly the same as if the patient was receiving treatment in a conventional dental office. 

Employers like it because there is no cost for them to bring Henry on site, and insurance companies like the mobile concept because it enhances the value to members of belonging to a company’s group plan. 

Henry offers its fleet services in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Georgia and partners with more than 70 companies.  The Henry company focuses on large employer groups with a minimum of 1,000 employees and sells itself by focusing on convenience and state-of-the-art equipment. 

For example, patients can wear headphones and watch Netflix or HBO while having their teeth cleaned and checked. 

“Unlike traditional retail expansion, when we move into a new market, we are not starting at zero,” chief brand officer Ketcheson said. “We’re only moving into a new market if there are already corporate clients there.” 

Henry’s early success was noticed by venture capitalists and in March the company announced a $10 million-dollar capital infusion that will lead to expansion in five new markets by 2020. Tentatively plans are to expand in Illinois, North and South Carolina, Florida, Texas, Delaware and Virginia. 

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