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New Toothpaste for Sensitive Gum Types

Aug 13, 2019

By Dean George

Tooth and gum sensitivity are serious business, and if you’re a toothpaste manufacturer you must constantly brush up on your knowledge as to the underlying causes of tooth sensitivity when developing new products. 

Recently Proctor and Gamble announced release of a new Crest® Gum and Sensitivity toothpaste, a new gum-focused toothpaste that provides clinically healthier gums and fast sensitivity relief. 

How fast? Their new product reportedly offers protection against sensitive teeth in as little as three days. 

The new formula helps prevent sensitivity by blocking tubules directly at the gum line, encasing the teeth in a protective shield against common foes like hot and cold foods and beverages like coffee, ice water and ice cream. 

“Crest is tackling sensitivity at the gum line – where we know a majority of sensitivity starts,” said Carlos DeJesus, Vice President of Oral Care North America, Procter and Gamble.  “People shouldn’t have to avoid their favorite foods and drinks in fear of tooth sensitivity,” he said earlier this week. 

Tooth sensitivity can have many causes, just a few being brushing too hard (“crush brushing”), the loss of tooth enamel, acidic foods, teeth grinding or clinching and too much plaque. 

Changing your toothpaste to one that aids with sensitivity often helps and there are several toothpastes made specifically for that purpose.   

The new Crest® Gum and Sensitivity toothpaste targets the gum line with stannous fluoride to neutralize plaque bacteria while its other ingredients help treat the tooth sensitivity itself. 

“Our new Crest® Gum and Sensitivity provides instant sensitivity by blocking tubules for relief within days, DeJesus said in an Aug 5 press release. 

The new Crest® toothpaste is available in three types: All Day Protection, Gentle Whitening and Refreshing Mint. 

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