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Dental Plans 101

Dec 30, 2011

It’s fascinating to watch how thousands of businesses are using social media and blogs to interact with their customers and improve customer satisfaction. I can tell you no one would be more surprised that I'm blogging than my high school English teacher!

But hey, this blog isn’t about me, it's about you! About your dental needs and what we can do to help you explore a growing range of available options. But be forewarned: this space isn't cyber-school where I write, you read and each post concludes with a multiple choice quiz and extra credit for spelling "prophylaxis" correctly.

Let's say you are shopping for some coverage and you've narrowed your choices down to a discount plan and a DHMO. Which should you pick and why?

You see, this space is reserved for casual, two-way chats on topics like dental insurance vs discount dental plans and the differences between the two. It’s about the pros and cons of different types of plans.

Much of what we will blog about will revolve around your comments, suggestions, and questions. At we know lots about dental coverage and quite a bit about dental procedures. And you may know from past experience how expensive dental visits are without any kind of coverage.

But rather than drone on about the purpose of this blog, below are five reasons why is a good friend to have when exploring dental options. Note: No toothy animals or children with braces were harmed in the compilation of the list below.

From Sea to Shining Sea...

#5: Location is important whether you are discussing real estate, missing car keys or where to kiss a boo-boo. Dental plans are no different.  We have lots of experience helping folks learn about great dental plans and dentists that accept them.

And we offer dental insurance and discount dental plans in 48 states. Not just the larger states, or those with the prettiest state flags or license plates: all 48 states in the continental U.S.

Do you know the difference between dental plans?...

#4: Not all dental plans are created equal, regardless of what you may have heard. Many have standard waiting periods, others may make you wait a year or longer for certain procedures. We specialize in Rapid Relief dental plans, or dental insurance plans without waiting periods, available in more states, than any other site on the Internet.

Our dental plans are affordable and fast...

#3: Affordability and speed are important factors when shopping for cars and microwaves, so why give it less priority when should shopping for dental needs? We can help improve anyone's dental mileage and wear & tear with regular check-ups and preventive services that keep small problems from becoming big ones.

What you see is what you get...

#2: Who doesn't like surprises? Surprise birthday parties. Suprise engagements. Surprise Christmas bonuses. Not all surprises are good, unfortunately, like –“We're downsizing your department beginning...well, today", or "Sorry, but your policy won't cover this procedure until the middle of next year".

At we prefer welcome surprises. Surprises like our Tru-Blu guarantee on discount dental plans. And the most welcome surprise of much we can save you on your dental coverage!

More DHMO's means more choice...

#1: DHMO, or Dental Health Maintenance Organizations, are a great way to save money on dental care. DHMO’s have no deductibles, no annual maximums, deeply discounted rates when you obtain treatment from a network of participating dentists and guaranteed dental care. Also, participating dentists are conveniently located within their members’ geographical area.

We offer DHMO's in 21 states; more than any other site on the Internet. See if we have a DHMO plan in your state, but if not, no worries. We have lots of affordable options, and best of all, we're just getting started!

Thanks for reading Agent Straight Talk. Please email me with comments about dental issues at

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