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Two new reasons you may rush to brush

Jan 27, 2012

Three things I never expected to see in my lifetime: smart phones smarter than the people using them, a toothbrush without bristles, and cocoa-based toothpaste.

Since I’m one of the smart-challenged smart phone users, let's talk about the good tasting toothpaste and the bristle-less toothbrush.

The cocoa-based toothpaste has raised my level of personal excitement regarding brushing twice a day. I mean, until I heard about this new oral development, my interest in brushing generally ranked somewhere between cleaning the basin after shaving and playing “Where’s Waldo?” with the TV remote.

If you’ve missed the oral-stimulating news, a group of Louisiana researchers recently released a brand of toothpaste called Theodent made from cocoa extract and other materials. That’s the same cocoa from which we derive chocolate (crave it), Coca-Cola (gulp it) and cosmetics (never use them).

Theodent contains no fluoride and the primary ingredient it uses, Rennou™, is reportedly better at strengthening enamel than fluoride. Fluoride has been under attack in some circles the past few years due to claims it harms teeth over time. While the scientific jury is still out on that, the court of public opinion has rendered judgment with consumers buying more non-fluoride toothpaste in recent years.

Newly-minted Theodent toothpaste president and CEO Arman Sadeghpour, as part of his PhD thesis at Tulane, compared Rennou™ to fluoride in two head-to-head tests: enamel hardness and acid demineralization caused by bacteria. Sadeghpour concluded that varying amounts of Rennou™ were more effective at both.

Sadeghpour also says Rennou™ shares a chemical makeup similar to caffeine.  Gosh, this news just gets better and better. This may be the motivation I need to brush first thing in the morning rather than gargling coffee.

Regardless of whether fluoride is harmful or not, proponents of non-fluoride toothpastes have a new friend on the commercial toothpaste market.  Theodent is available through

Exhibit B that 2012 is destined to be The Year of Oral Awesomeness is the launch of a new bristle-free toothbrush called the PeriClean. The brainchild of Dr. Jack Gruber, DDS of New York, the PeriClean was designed to change the manner in which people, especially those with receding gums, fight gum disease and keep their teeth clean.

A 35-year veteran of the oral wars, Dr. Gruber has said that nearly 24 million people suffer from gum recession as a result of using toothbrushes that scrub away enamel, gums and eventually the bones beneath their gums.

Dr. Gruber says cleaning your teeth with toothbrushes is similar to scrubbing your car with a wire brush. Ouch. Because many of his patients asked for alternatives to the toothbrush but Dr. Gruber knew of no other safe options, he petitioned the federal grant for a $100 million grant to study the issue. 

Just kidding.

Actually Dr. Gruber consulted with Mr. Kozloski, an industrial engineer with more more than 30 years of product engineering experience. Together the dynamic dental duo developed a toothbrush with a pad rather than bristles. The pad is soft but offers just enough friction and surface variation to remove daily plaque buildup and the food nasty’s that cling to teeth like dirty snow on my wife’s pearl white Hyundai Sonata.

The PeriClean is billed as a better, safer alternative to the toothbrush. Who am I to argue? I still brush with kids’ toothpaste when my wife isn’t looking. To learn more you can visit

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