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Agent Straight Talk: Top 5 Tips For Teeth

May 30, 2013

5 Top Posts of Dental Awesome
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Today we thought we’d do something different in Agent Straight-Talk – and do it David Letterman style. Something bold, fresh and rarely done in this space. Best of all, it will be good for your teeth, will increase your oral awareness, and improve your general dental well-being. If it makes you smile once or twice, even better! Below are some highlights from a handful of our most helpful posts.

Tooth Tip #1:

Know what’s hard to believe? Despite long-time fluoridation of public water supplies, dental sealants, light-blinking toothbrushes, apps that teach kids how to brush and the availability of chocolate toothpaste, cavities are the leading oral health issue for kids. Here are some preventive tips we shared with parents to Help Your Kids Avoid Tooth Trouble.

Tooth Tip #2:

On the subject of kids, do you remember your first time visiting the dentist? In the spring of 2012, neither rain, nor sleet, nor hail, nor gloom of night kept Agent Straight-Talk from its appointed rounds of getting the tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth regarding a child’s first dental visit. In this no hugs barred, hard hitting interview, the subject was my granddaughter Della, and despite her mistaking me for paparazzi midway through the interview, I remain one of her biggest fans.

Tooth Tip #3:

Some day I’d love to have our dentist friends share with us the best excuses they’ve heard from patients for canceling appointments, not flossing, and what got stuck between their patients’ teeth. Last summer in her first Agent Straight-Talk post Felicia shared with us her five top reasons people avoid the dentist – and why they’re wrong to do so!

Tooth Tip #4

We hate to see people spend more money than they have to.  In April, our readers learned how to avoid putting their money where their mouth is.  By following these 3 helpful tips, you can stay out of the dentist’s chair and in something more comfy like a beach chair.  Our AST Toothteller foresees a summer vacation in your future with all of the money you will save!

Tooth Tip #5

Wonder if the politicians devising Medicare in the mid-1960’s stopped to think that the people most in need of dental care would be seniors? This article, Why Seniors Pay More for Dental Treatments, posted last September explains why seniors pay more for dental treatments and how the Dental Insurance Store can help with those costs.

We would love to hear what your favorite post was today.  Post your comment on our Facebook page and give us a Thumbs Up while you're at it!  Who knows, you could win an autographed toothbrush from the authors of AST!  Thanks for reading Agent Straight-Talk, and check back next Wednesday for our June series on…well, if we don’t tell you now you’ll have to check back, right? Email us with comments on any of our topics at

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