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Techie Teeth Time: Using Technology for Healthy Smiles

Jun 19, 2013

As a search marketing analyst for a dental insurance broker, I am always seeking break-through technology we can write about or promote that helps people keep a healthy smile.  This month we are exploring Dental Technology and You.  So when I Googled “tooth brushing applications,” and returned an astounding 7,300,000 results that populated in a mere 0.36 seconds, I was super excited. That, my friends, is technology finding technology at its best.  Let’s chat about some great things on the web that can help your family maintain their pearly whites.

smiles zazzle
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As a Mom of a brilliant five-year-old boy who knows how to use technological devices better than I do, I know how hard it is to keep children engaged in mundane activities like…I don’t know…brushing their teeth.  My son was so pumped when I found a couple new apps dealing with oral health.  Now, I am certain it’s not because after using these apps he is going to have a super clean mouth and know that years from now, his oral health won’t be an issue.  It was really because he could play with my phone, dance around the bathroom and act like a goofball as seen here:

In my heart of hearts, I know that using Brush DJ will keep the tiny human on his toes (literally) while brushing.  The app also has a great reminder system – for both kids and adults.  You can set daily timers letting you know when it’s time to floss and brush, when to visit your dentist along with their information and it will also wash the dishes.  (Whoops! Sorry, that was a Mommy daydream coming through.) 

Brush DJ takes the existing music on your mobile device and plays a song at random for a two minute time frame.  Every 30 seconds, a ding sounds and the phone vibrates to let the brusher know how much time has passed.  I love several things about this app.  It’s entertaining, visual, it plays music my family already enjoys and makes my child feel he is in charge of his own dental destiny. 

We have a clock in the bathroom which was his go-to timer, but that’s pretty conventional and boring at this point.  Also, if you have smaller kids, or perhaps a husband, who don’t understand the concept of time, then a clock just won’t cut it.  I highly recommend that you check out Brush DJ.  You can find out how to download the app by linking through our Facebook page.  

For little ones just learning to brush, I recommend another app exclusively for Apple products called “Brush with Jackson.”  This great game is brought to you by Rosie’s Playground.  We were lucky enough to interview the brains behind Jackson and find out how the idea transpired.  This is a much more interactive app that allows children to have video interactions with Jackson, make him laugh and help him practice his bunny balance.

For those of you who have to have the latest techie gadget, why not purchase the beambrush from BEAM Technologies?  Featured in Forbes magazine in April, the brush is embedded with a Bluetooth chip that sends sensory data to your mobile phone.  Upon downloading the coordinating app, you can track how often and how long you are brushing. 

Co-founder Alex Frommeyer says there are two main ways that this motivates people to brush.  “One is by incentivizing good behavior directly with prizes and rewards,” he explains.  BEAM partnered with a rewards network company that offers good brushers discounts on movie tickets and deals to other retailers.  Who doesn’t want to go to the movies and eat all of that buttery popcorn… and then brush it all out in order to get more movie tickets?  Sign me up!

The other half of BEAM’s motivation is giving back to the consumer in the form of lower dental insurance premiums.  They are hoping to someday provide dental data from their “best brushers” to the insurance companies to help shape dental policy costs.  This is still in “beta” right now (as we Googlers say).  At Dental Insurance Store we believe in the right plan for the right price and this will make our offerings even more attractive!  It’s a win-win all around.

As I mentioned before, there are over 7 million ways you can make dental technology your friend.  Use these apps and sites – they are the future!  Caring for our oral hygiene has evolved by leaps and bounds in just the past 10 years.  So make your next trip to the dentist an easy one by taking care of your teeth before you even sit in that chair.  You’ll be happy you did!

Thank you for reading our series this month.  Dean will amaze us next week with another dental technology wonder, so stay tuned!  Please follow us for delightful dental quips on Facebook, Pintrest, and Twitter and join our circle on Google+.  (Oh technology…)

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