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Three Little Pigs Search for a Dental Plan

Sep 18, 2013

Once upon a time, there were 3 little pigs. The 3 little pigs grew so big, so fast their Mom and Dad told them they'd need to build houses for themselves. The little pigs quickly agreed, as they were excited to be out on their own and away from the farm with its strange smells.

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The first little pig’s name was Ima. Ima Pigg loved snuffles, truffles and wallowing in the mud until the cows came home. Mama and Papa Pigg told Ima she should take care of her teeth by brushing and flossing and finding a good dental plan that would help keep her pearlies pristine.

Unfortunately Ima didn’t listen to Mama and Papa Pigg. “In a pig’s eye,” she thought to herself. Instead she blew her investment income from pig futures on improving the feng shui of her pig sty. Then one day while enjoying a buffet of slop she bit down on what she thought was funky cake donut but really was an old tractor inner tube.

You’ve never heard squealing like Ima Pigg made that day! With her efforts to find the creamy center of the “donut” Ima ripped, grinded and tore with her teeth until she cracked molars on the inner tube stem.

Sooie, it hurt!

After running around like a chicken with its head cut off, Ima knew she needed to get to a dentist and fast but uh, oh – she didn’t have a dental plan. What could she do?

Solution: In cases like Ima’s when you need a dentist in a hurry a discount dental plan can be your best friend! Activation for one of our discount dental plans begin in just two days and those plans are available for as little as $8.95 a month with a $30 activation fee.  One discount plan we offer has no activation fee!

Fortunately for Ima a local dentist said her broken teeth could be repaired with a crown and a filling. But the cost of a filling can run between $100 and $200, and crowns are even more expensive. One porcelain-fused-to-base-metal crown can run from $740 to $1,250. Happily with her discount dental plan purchased online through Dental Insurance Store, Ima paid just $50 for a single-surface filling and the porcelain-fused-to-base-metal crowns saved her hundreds at a cost of $470.

The second little pig’s name was Urey. Urey was more ambitious than his sister but he wasn’t the brightest pig in the litter. That was obvious to Mama and Papa Pigg when he accidentally sat in a campfire and thought he smelled bacon cooking. 

Anyway, Urey lived in the big city where dental treatment was more expensive. Urey didn’t really care because he knew a local dentist and figured he’d just use her when a need arose. Regular dental visits are important and avoiding them can end up costing more money when you do go if little problems are left untreated.  And that’s what happened to Urey Pigg. When he learned he needed his lower teeth pulled and dentures, Urey was shocked when told that if he got dentures at the local dentist he would pay $900 to $1,900 and extractions would cost $100 or more – per tooth!

Solution: Fortunately Urey’s sister had experience with Dental Insurance Store and suggested he look into a dental HMO. In two shakes of her tail she entered Urey’s age and zip code and informed him that a dental HMO in his area was only $13.25 a month with a one-time enrollment fee of $20. While Urey’s local dentist didn’t participate in the HMO, his sister told him that if he was willing to use a participating dentist his dentures would cost just $395 and he could have his teeth extracted for just $45 each.

Urey was so happy he cried wee wee wee all the way home.

The third pig’s name was Hamm. Hamm was good with money, moved to California and bought an excellent dental plan through Dental Insurance Store to keep his teeth healthy and sparkling. Hamm enjoyed his job working in Human Resources for a Hollywood studio, but then one day while visiting a friend at Pixar Studios, he was asked to read a few lines about pigs flying for a new movie about toys and, well…let’s just say that some pigs have all the luck.

Thanks for reading Agent Straight-Talk, and be sure to stop by next week as we wrap up our September series on solving imaginary dental problems with real life solutions.

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