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Playing the Dental Plan Dating Game

Apr 01, 2014

By Dean George

Hello, and welcome to the Dental Plan Dating Game. At this time we’d like to introduce you to our three contestants.

Bachelor #1 is a local guy who prides himself on frugality and prefers working close to home. He likes being organized and knowing where every dollar spent on his dental care goes: introducing Hamilton HMO.

Our second contestant likes the freedom of wide open spaces and not limiting himself to a specific geographic area. When it comes to Bachelor #2’s dental care, he says he plays, and pays, the percentages. He confesses he’s willing to pay a slightly higher price each month if it prevents him from being tied down.  Please welcome Palmer PPO.

Our third and final contestant is a results oriented individual who is a quick starter. Admittedly Bachelor #3 favors participating dentists, no limits on how often he goes to the dentist and dislikes waiting and annual limits. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Donald Discount Plan.

And there we have three hardworking dental plans waiting to meet our Internet-savvy, price conscious customer in need of an affordable, capable dental plan. And let’s bring her out now!

She’s a professional woman who knows the value of a dollar and prides herself on stretching them further than Gumby at a Silly Putty® origami competition. During her college days, this graduate of the school of Hard Knocks was voted “Most Stunning Smile” and “Most Likely to Keep Her Own Teeth” until her 50th reunion.

She majored in Consumer Protection and tells her dentist she likes brushing with rubber bristles, using mint-flavored floss once a day and prefers therapeutic mouth rinses over cosmetic ones. She likes getting her teeth cleaned 3 times a year, sedation free dental visits and reading Agent Straight-Talk whenever she can.

Ladies and gentlemen, please join us in welcoming Consuela Consumer. Consuela, our three contestants are ready and eager to see who can provide you the best dental plan for your personal situation. If you have your questions ready to go, let’s begin.

(Consuela) “Bachelor #1, I want you to tell me a story, but let me start first. ‘Once upon a time there was a girl that wanted dental office fluoride treatments until she was high school age.’ What would you tell her Bachelor #1?”

(Bachelor #1) - “I’d tell her we offer topical application of fluoride for children up to 16 or 18, depending upon where you live." (Bachelor #2) "We offer the same treatment until children reach the age of 14.” (Bachelor #3) "Depending upon the carrier, the cutoff date for kids is either 16 or has no cutoff date at all. After all, aren't we all kids at heart?!"

(Consuela) “Thank you, bachelors. Question #2 for Bachelor #2: My auto insurance includes a deductible and so does my medical coverage. Are you any different than those other guys?”

(Bachelor #2) "I don’t know about the other guys in your life, but I’m betting our $50 deductible is a whole lot less than they make you pay." (Bachelor #3) "Fifty dollars isn't much, but having no deductible is even better, wouldn't you agree? We hope so because my plans have no deductible." (Bachelor #1) "We believe that having no deductible is not only chivalrous, but none of the HMO’s in the family has them either.”

Consuela blushes with excitement at these three responses because her medical plan deductible recently purchased through the exchange marketplace is $5,000.  Her auto insurance deductible is $500. Demurely fanning herself, she asks her third and final question of the three bachelor dental plans:

“Bachelor #2. "I’ve read in Agent Straight-Talk where regular dental visits can help detect serious medical conditions like oral cancer or heart disease. If I choose you, would you keep me waiting to get an oral cancer screening or a regular exam?”

Bachelor #2 “We’ll have no ladies in waiting, or gentlemen, for oral cancer screens or routine exams. We have no waiting periods for any preventive exam.” (Bachelor #3)  “What’s a waiting period?” he asks with a grin. “I don’t know because we don’t have them for any dental procedure!” (Bachelor #1 looks at Bachelor’s #2 and snorts) “So you offer a no-waiting, waiting period on routine exams? That’s a little like kissing your sister!  We've got no waiting periods on everything from root canal surgery to crowns, fillings and periodontal treatment.”

“Gentlemen, gentlemen,” I say. “Let’s keep the personal comments to ourselves and see which of you Consuela chooses.” Turning to her, I point to my watch and say, “Consuela, time is up. Which of our bachelor dental plans do you want to invest in for your long-term dental health and happiness? Bachelor #1, Bachelor #2, or Bachelor #3?”

“They all seem like very nice plans that have generous and helpful benefits.  I like what all three had to say and I’m sure my dentist would be happy with any of the three,” Consuela says.

“Unfortunately you can’t choose all three Consuela, so which bachelor will you choose to take to your next dental appointment?” Giving an exaggerated sigh, she hesitates just a moment before squaring her shoulders and looking directly into the camera.

 “One bachelor plan in particular sounded delightful. His responses to my questions were exciting and I know he’d be there for me whenever I go to the dentist. So, I choose…"

Doggone it readers, we’re out of time! Fortunately you still have time to choose your very own dental plan to partner with at your dental visits. To see the dental plans available in your area, just click here. Thanks for reading Agent Straight-Talk, and for more dental drama and oral hygiene hijinks, feel free to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn.   

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Copyright 2014, Bloom Insurance Agency, LLC   

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