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Tooth, Justice and the American Way

Apr 08, 2014

By Dean George

They are America’s mightiest dental heroes, created to fight bad oral health and tooth decay no mere mortal can withstand alone. These heroes know that tooth brushing, flossing and oral rinsing are good habits, but more is needed in this age of super-sized soda drinks, sugary foods and lackluster tooth maintenance.

And that’s where the guardians of good oral hygiene come in. Discerning readers may suspect their secret undisclosed location is here at Dental Insurance Store Headquarters, but let’s keep that secret just between us – and maybe the National Security Agency, a handful of frustrated and unsuccessful Chinese and Russian hackers, and the good folks at Bing and Google.

The Dental Plan Avengers

This assembled collection of oral heroes are packing super benefits and preventive care options that help keep America’s teeth strong and its oral health safe. They are singularly focused on one mission – that their members take advantage of affordable treatment by arranging regular dental checkups, and receive teeth cleanings twice a year.  

Taken individually or packaged together, this group is a powerful and potent force that represents all that is good about conscientious oral prevention. Their guiding principle is simple and straightforward.  Every day of the year they stand for tooth, oral health justice and the American way.

They are The Super Dental Plan Avengers. Currently this band of super heroes includes:

Yoko HMO Yoko is the proverbial dental guy next door type – earnest, hardworking and big on providing loads of benefits and good value. Yoko is ultra-efficient and accountable, and takes pride on being dependable and trustworthy. When the going gets tough, the tough get going, and when you need dental treatment, he sees that you get it with no regard to waiting periods, annual maximums and claim forms.

Whether you need routine care or a major dental procedure, this super dental plan hero delivers!

Paco PPO Paco is more of a roamer than Yoko, preferring to work his super hero acts in different geographic areas. Paco is flexible and likes to offer his members the freedom to see a dentist within a network or venture outside one as needed.  True to the Super Dental Plan Avenger creed, Paco has no waiting period on any preventive services and many diagnostic procedures.

He can be seen performing his super hero acts at over 114,000 dental locations throughout the country.

Damien Discount Dental Plan, aka D3, aka Triple D.  Whatever you call him, Damien stands apart from Yoko and Paco because his start-up dates are quicker. However, like Yoko Damien has no waiting periods, no limits on what he pays out annually for visits and no restrictions on how often you can call on him. Like Paco though, Damien has an extensive network of dentists across the country to do his bidding.

Damien Discount is an excellent super hero choice for those civilians without any dental coverage, or those looking to supplement existing coverage. Depending upon the Damien plan they choose citizens can enjoy savings of 25% to 60% at a monthly cost of less than $10 a month.

That’s less than super heroes spend per week to have their capes cleaned and pressed!

As I write this our team of Dental Plan Avengers is working on counteroffensive options for the nation’s uninsured. Whether the cry for help comes from concerned citizens mired between jobs, those who have never had a dental plan or others that have been placed on hold waiting to speak to a Nigerian prince about pediatric dental coverage, the super heroes have a workable and practical solution for you.

To show just how super they are, these guardians of pearly smiles, healthy gums and awesome oral goodness invite you to click here to see available super plans in your area. Using their Herculean skills and secret powers, they require you only to enter your age and zip code and the Super Plan Dental Avengers and their mighty quote tool will do the rest.

Thanks for reading Agent Straight-Talk, and for more oral health adventures and dental drama please follow us on FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+ and LinkedIn.   

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Copyright 2014, Bloom Insurance Agency, LLC   

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