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Noel McCavity Interviews HMO Plan

May 06, 2014

By Dean George

“Hello folks, and welcome to Tooth Talk, where we cut through the dental chatter and focus on what’s really important - finding great dental plans and sharing ways to keep your teeth and oral health in movie star condition.”

Talk Host Noel McCavity

“I am your weekly host, Noel McCavity and thanks for tuning in this evening.”

“On this week’s show we have the first of three dental plan guests during the month of May. Tonight’s guest first gained national prominence in the 1970’s, but she’s as popular today as ever. She is big on networking, is enjoyed by millions of Americans across the fruited plain and works hard every day to save you money. Please give a warm Tooth Talk welcome to Ms. Hailey HMO!”

Following thunderous applause from the studio audience, McCavity says, “Hi Hailey, thank you for being here with us this evening. For those not familiar with your work, can you share a little bit about your career history?”

“My pleasure Noel, and thanks for having me tonight. As you mentioned, my health care career began in the 1970’s. My early work involved making health and dental care more affordable by pioneering managed care,” she says. “Initially we were seen as a way to reign in spiraling costs while still providing quality care.”

“Yes, but I seem to remember there was some initial resistance to prepaid care and requiring members to receive referrals before visiting specialists,” McCavity recalls.

“You’re absolutely right, Noel. Initially critics did complain that what we were doing was too controlling and bureaucratic. They didn’t necessarily see it as a more efficient means of providing care. But by creating provider networks and contracting with dentists and doctors to provide specific services at fixed prices, we quickly proved we could offer quality care and additional benefits at prices lower than other type plans.”

“What kind of additional benefits, Hailey?” “Well, let’s use Dental Insurance Store as an example,” she says. “The HMO plans that they offer include no waiting periods, no annual maximums, no deductibles and fixed rates on every covered procedure.”

“Fixed rates? How does that work?” McCavity asks.

“Well, let’s say that you were being naughty and chewing on some ice when a crown broke off,” Hailey explains. “Without an insurance plan, re-cementing a crown could easily cost well over $100. Depending upon the HMO plan available through Dental Insurance Store, that same procedure would cost you as little as $25!”

“Amazing,” McCavity says. “But what if the crown was broken and couldn’t be salvaged? Would an HMO plan cover that contingency?”

“Not only would we cover it, but at a third of the cost of what a new crown would cost without insurance,” Hailey explained.  “Any kind of dental crown?” McCavity asks, skeptically.

”Yes, any kind – porcelain-ceramic, titanium, base metal - even high noble metal crowns,” she exclaims.

As the audience applause dies down, McCavity leans forward and asks the question on the mind of every audience member. “How much, Hailey? Any plan like you just described that offers no waiting periods, no annual maximums, no deductibles, and lets members know in advance the cost of any procedure must cost a fortune, right?”

“You may be surprised,” Hailey says conspiratorially, arching her eyebrows. “So surprise me. Surprise all of us,” McCavity says with a devilish grin.

“Depending upon where in the country you live, Dental Insurance Store offers full-service HMO plans for as little as $7 a month.” The audience lets out a collective gasp. “And in many areas, the plans are available for less money per month than the cost of two movie tickets!” She smiles as the audience lets out another gasp followed by many audience members talking excitedly amongst themselves.

“So what’s the catch?” McCavity asks after the audience clamor settles down.  “Are these HMO’s available only in high-density places like White Pine County, Nevada or in Bear Lake, Idaho?”

“Not unless you consider places like California, New York City, Chicago, Dallas or Orlando remote,” Hailey says with a laugh. “Dental Insurance Store offers HMO plans from Humana, Dental Health Services, PrimeCare and Healthplex.”

“Hailey, that’s wonderful, and thank you for sharing. We’re about out of time, but is there anything else you want our studio audience to know? Any other pearls of wisdom you’d care to share?”

“Just this, Noel. There is a lot of talk these days about the Affordable Care Act, state insurance exchanges, pediatric dental availability, restrictive dental and doctor networks, and so on. I just want everyone to know that if they go to and enter their name and zip code, first they can see what dental plans are available in their area. Then, they can click the Dentist Search button of any plan to find a dentist near them. It’s so simple and I think most people will be surprised to see how convenient and affordable a good HMO plan is,” she said.

Readers, Hailey is right. Our HMO’s have saved thousands of people money on their oral care needs, and we’d like to save you money too - beginning today. Simply click here to explore the possibilities.

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