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Dental Cost Hide & Seek

Jun 24, 2014

By Felicia Papier

As children, we loved to play hide and seek.  There is a certain thrill of hiding somewhere really good and knowing that the “seeker” is going to have to look extra hard to find you.  But as adults, it’s something that we become very wary about.  We don’t like having to search hard, read the fine print, look for hidden fees or costs on any of the things that we need.  Especially for something like dental insurance.  Here are a few tips and tricks to figuring out the extra fees you may pay when going to the dentist. After all, we would hate to leave you in stuck in that last hiding spot when no one found you!

One Time or Annual Fees

When you purchase a plan on, there is a one time enrollment fee depending on the carrier.  (Note: several of our plans don’t have enrollment fees: Dominion Dental and the discount plans for Delta Dental and Renaissance, for example.)  We do provide this information on our quote page so that you know right away there is an additional fee when applying.  There’s nothing worse than getting to the check out page and seeing that you owe another $25! 

We do understand that some carriers will have annual fees charged after the first year of service or even a month fee associated with their products.  The best way to keep dibs on this information is to either read the fine print and payment disclaimers or call the company and simply ask.  While annual fees sound like a terrible idea, sometimes they are a reason why your other costs are lower. 

Dental Procedures & ‘The Extra Stuff’

Here’s the scenario.  You head into the dentist for your regular six month cleaning and, to your horror, they tell you need several teeth extracted.  If you are anything like me, you will want to be placed in a nice long slumber, compliments of Sir Anesthesia. You schedule the appointment, are administered the anesthesia and have the teeth extracted.  A couple weeks later, you get the bill and what the h-e-double hockey sticks!?  There is a very large charge for your dental nap.

Let’s rewind a few months prior to when you purchased your dental insurance plan at Dental Insurance Store.  You knew there was a reason you should have clicked that link called Plan Details… We provide our customers with a list of procedures and what either the carrier or the member will pay for them.  One of our carriers, Humana, even says, “Whether you need routine care or a major dental procedure, you know what to expect from HumanaOne Dental Value Plan. No waiting periods, no claim forms to file, no annual maximum and no dental fee surprises.”  And further down within the details is the information about your date with Mr. Snooze.  Not so hidden, is it?  

Your Grill Cost How Much!?

Sometimes the material you choose to right your dental wrongs is far less expensive than another or it might not even be covered by your dental plan.  For example, a metallic inlay is less than a porcelain/ceramic one, but is the same cost as a resin based composite. And we are pretty sure that if you wanted your cavities filled with platinum it wouldn’t even be covered!  There is a bit of due diligence on your part when researching plans, especially when you know what procedures you need.  Always read the special notes in the plan details and look for the differences even between even precious (high noble) and semi-precious (noble) metals.  While there is usually a maximum additional cost, it is always nice to know what kind of money you are about to dish out.

There are a lot of nuances in the world of dental insurance and we want to make sure that you are “in the know!”  Take a peek back at our January blog series to get more information about why insurance works the way it does and where all those confusing costs come from.

At Dental Insurance Store, we don’t want you to feel like you’ve had the wool pulled over your eyes!  If you ever have any doubts on what a plan does and does not cover, you can call and talk to one of our lovely agents at 888-299-6441.  We are here to help and keep that smile bright! 

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Photo credit: melissan

Copyright 2014, Bloom Insurance Agency, LLC

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