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What’s My Line? The Dental Edition

Feb 26, 2015

By Dean George

For those readers who think the 90’s were ages ago, long before then there was a game show that aired for 25 years called “What’s My Line?”

National Tooth Fairy Day

In the game a panel of four celebrity panelists would ask questions of a guest requiring “yes” or “no” answers in an effort to guess their occupation, or in the case of a celebrity guest, their identity. Kind of like playing 20 questions but the guests were rarely a vegetable or mineral.

Anyway, if the guest’s answer was “yes,” the panelist could continue asking questions, but a “no” counted against the team of panelists and the next panelist would ask a question.

Ten “no’s” meant the game was won by the guest. If someone on the panel correctly guessed the guest’s occupation or identity, at that point the game would end.

Which brings us to today’s post: What’s My Line – the Dental Insurance Store Edition. If you’d like to play along and try to guess today’s mystery guest, great! If you don’t, have a seat and help yourself to our stack of 1980’s People’s magazines, or enjoy this complimentary Spanish soap opera.

 So without further ado, let’s begin today’s contest. Will today’s mystery celebrity guest sign in please?

(Panelist #1) “Are you currently in the movies?”

(Mystery Guest) “No. Although there have been movies made about me.”

(Panelist #2) “Are you now appearing or have you appeared on Broadway?”

(Mystery Guest) “No.”

(Show Host) “Two down, eight to go.”

(Panelist #3) “Does what you do provide a valuable service to society?”

(Mystery Guest)  “Yes it does.”

(Panelist #3) “I think I recognize a slight accent. Are you an American?”

(Mystery Guest) “No. ‘We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.’”

(Show Host) “Love that quote from Robert Louis Stevenson. Three down, seven to go.”

(Panelist 4) “Hmm…curious. What you do is a valuable service, but you are not an American and it sounds like you travel a lot. So the service you provide is available in other countries?”

(Mystery Guest) Yes it is. It’s available anywhere there are children. I crisscross the International Date Line more times than a U.S. Secretary of State.”

(Panelist 4) [Chuckle] “Very good. Uh, do you provide your service to both men and women?”

[Quick huddle between show host and mystery guest]

(Show Host) “It is probably more accurate to say the service our guest provides applies to both genders. So the technical answer to your question is 'yes.'”

(Panelist 4) “So your service applies to both genders but not necessarily men and women. Hmm…so the service you provide is for children only?”

(Mystery Guest) “Yes, it is.”

(Panelist 4) “Do you perform at children’s birthday parties?”

(Mystery Guest) “No, although you might say giving children joy is a big part of my job.”

(Show Host) “Four down, six to go.”

(Panelist #1) “Are you involved in educating children?”

(Mystery Guest) “In a manner of speaking, but not in the way you might think.”

(Show Host) "In fairness to our panel let’s count that as a ‘yes’.”

(Panelist #1) “Does what you do for children involve play or leisure?”

(Mystery Guest) “No, it does not.”

(Show Host) “Five down, five to go.”

(Panelist #2) “Is your name recognizable in different cultures and countries?”

(Mystery Guest) “Yes.”

(Panelist #2) “Is your activity usually associated with a holiday or special event?”

(Mystery Guest) “A special event, yes.”

(Panelist #2) “Are you the Easter Bunny?”

(Mystery Guest) “Heavens, no, although he is an acquaintance of mine. We shared breakfast just a couple of weekends ago. Of course we had eggs.”

(Show Host) “Yes, I’m sure he gets those pretty cheap and buys them by the bushel basket. That’s six down, four to go.”

(Panelist #2) “An acquaintance of the Easter Bunny, huh? Are you Santa Claus?”

(Mystery Guest) “Ho, ho ho…no.”

(Show Host) “Seven down, three to go.”

(Panelist #3) “Are you known in France as ‘La Petite Souris?’”

(Mystery Guest) “Ouiii…”

(Panelist #3) “And do children in many Spanish speaking countries know you as ‘Ratoncito Perez?’”

(Mystery Guest) “Si….”

(Panelist #3) "Is it true that you’ve seen more pillows than the Sandman and more sleeping kids than Mother Goose?"

(Mystery Guest - clapping her hands and laughing) “Yes, and I’ve seen more missing teeth than 50 years in the National Hockey League!”

(Panelist #3) "Are you…the Tooth Fairy?”

(Show Host) "Yes she is! Ladies and gentlemen, give a warm welcome to tonight’s special mystery guest, the Tooth Fairy!”

This Saturday is National Tooth Fairy Day. As we mentioned last year at this time, the legend of the Tooth Fairy has helped generations of parents all around the world comfort children as to what happens when those little “chiclets” disappear.

Today’s kids know all about “tooth equity” and “tooth returns,” and that getting less than $3.00 for a tooth warrants a fraud investigation by Health and Human Services. Dental Insurance Store can’t help parents with tooth inflation, but our dental plans can help parents recoup their investment in their family’s tooth futures.

To see plans available in your area, click here. Thanks for reading Agent Straight-Talk, and remember: "The world always looks brighter behind a smile."

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Copyright 2015, Bloom Insurance Agency, LLC

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