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Please - No Jive Turkeys This Thanksgiving

Nov 22, 2016

By Dean George

Now that the 2016 presidential election is behind us, who wants to bet that Americans of all tribes will peacefully come together with family and friends this Thursday in appreciation for the blessed abundance we have in this country?

Yeah, me neither.

It’s probably asking too much for many Americans to go cold turkey and refrain from discussing politics this Thanksgiving after one of the most cantankerous elections in a generation, but here’s some food for thought: President Abraham Lincoln issued the proclamation making Thanksgiving a national holiday midway through the Civil War.

If our country could come together to pause from its acrimony and familial divisions and count its blessings through the bloodiest period in American history, surely families and friends can keep things civil this Thursday.

Sure, grandpa may be proud as a peacock at how the election turned out, or your cousin may dread eating crow with their turkey on Thursday, but let’s unite as one country and one people this Thanksgiving. Remember we are all bound together by two common threads held dear by all: gobble ‘till you wobble and Black Friday shopping!

Speaking of gobble wobbling, here’s a post we did about healthy Thanksgiving Eats…

Gobble Up These Healthy Thanksgiving Eats

Even in those years where a presidential election isn’t included on the Thanksgiving menu of family topics to avoid igniting a potential food fight, stress often is. Whether you are entertaining family members that can’t even agree to agreeably disagree, or friends who are trying to avoid their family for that particular reason, you can probably benefit from our earlier blog post entitled…

A Short Guide to a Stress-free Holiday Season

Speaking of stress, whether you call them pilgrims or puritans, the Englishmen who fled Holland and arrived on the snowy shores of Plymouth Rock on Dec 21, 1620 knew a thing or two about stress. And it had nothing to do with whether the turkey was a Butterball® or a free-range turkey fattened on organically-grown wild grass, and everything to do with finding food, making shelter and surviving a New England winter. No doubt there was a lot of teeth gritting and jaw clenching that winter, which today is called bruxism and was discussed in our blog post titled…

Don’t Grit Your Teeth and Bare It

Speaking of how stress affects oral health and a hoped-for Thanksgiving armistice over this year’s cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie, don’t think of this earlier turkey blog as a leftover post or reheated topic, but consider it a healthy source of recycled pixels and reprocessed turkey tips…

Let’s Talk Turkey – Thanksgiving Tips

On the subject of being thankful, Dental Insurance Store is thankful every day for our readers and all who visit and purchase dental plans from us. We want to wish all of you a healthy and happy Thanksgiving, and if you like talking turkey about oral health all year long, don’t forget to follow us on FacebookTwitterPinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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New Dental Plan Options for Military Vets

Nov 8, 2018

Atten-hut military vets! Uncle Sam needs you…to pay attention to looming new changes in your dental coverage.

The Tricare Retiree Dental program is being phased out Dec 31, 2018 and its beneficiaries are being transitioned to the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP).

Fortunately, there is no open season or enrollment deadlines to enroll in individual dental plans and our plans are open to military veterans and civilians alike year-round!

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