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Time to Play The Dental Plan Squares

Sep 12, 2018

By Dean George

(TV ANNOUNCER) “One of these dental plan benefits performers is sitting in the secret square, and the contestant who picks it first could win cash and an all-expense paid trip to a special Caribbean hideaway! Which benefit is it?

"Is it…Penny Prophylaxis, Xavier X-ray, Robbie Resin, Freddie Fluoride, Annie Amalgam, Ginger Gingivectomy, Parker Pontic, Ethan Extraction or Oscar Osseous?

"Now here’s the Master of The Dental Plan Squares, Noel McCavity!”

NOEL: “Good evening, and welcome to The Dental Plan Squares – America’s favorite dental plan game show! Hello squares, how are you? And welcome studio audience!  Now let’s meet today’s contestants:

"On my left and representing ‘O’ is Flo Flossing. Flo is a dental hygienist for Dr. Herman Elf   DDS, at North Pole Dental World, LLC. She lives in Periodontal Pointe, Alaska with her husband Franklin and their twins, Alton and Aurora.

"On my right and representing “X” is our returning champion, Chance Crown.  Chance is a dental equipment salesman whose company Mandibular Makes It is working on an environmental-friendly toothpaste made from granola and tofu. Chance lives in Toothpeka, Kansas with his wife Mercedes and their three dogs, two cats and a hamster named Simon.

"Players, the object is to get three benefits in a row either, up, across or diagonally. It is up the player to decide if the insider is giving them a correct answer or making one up, that is how they win the square. Each square is worth $500 and if you successfully win the secret square, you earn an additional $500 and will be treated to an all expense paid trip to the Caribbean oasis, Bicuspid Bay.

"Players, if you’re ready, let’s begin: Flo, you won the coin flip held earlier off-camera. Which plan benefit do you choose?”

FLO: “Annie Amalgam, please.”

NOEL: “Annie, which of these four is not a diagnostic benefit: an oral exam, a bitewing X-Ray, a comprehensive periodontal evaluation, or a prophylaxis?”

ANNIE: “All of those are important benefits, but not all are diagnostic procedures, huh? I’d say of the four you mentioned, the one that is not a diagnostic benefit is…a comprehensive periodontal evaluation.” 

FLO: “I disagree. A comprehensive periodontal eval is standard diagnostic procedure. The dental code for that is D0180. A prophylaxis procedure, or teeth cleaning, is considered a preventive procedure.”

NOEL: “That is right, and circle gets the square. Flo, obviously you are one hygienist that knows her stuff. I’d need a decoder ring to know all the ADA dental codes, let me tell you. Chance, it’s your go.”

CHANCE: “Let’s go with Xavier X-ray, Noel.”

NOEL: “These types of plans are sometimes called a ‘fee for service plan’ and allow you to visit any dentist.”

XAVIER: “Hmm…most plans charge fees for services in my experience, but if there are ones that don’t maybe I need to shop around myself.  A fee for service plan is an indemnity plan, but Barbara Stanwick and Fred McMurray are not included – at least they weren’t with mine.”

CHANCE: “I agree.”

NOEL: “That’s right, Chance. Indemnity plans allow you to see any dentist you want and are sometimes referred to as ‘fee for service plans’ or ‘traditional dental plans.’ X gets the square. Flo, it’s your go.”

FLO: “Parker Pontic, please.”

NOEL: “Parker, this type of dental plan offers fixed pricing and requires you use a network provider.”

PARKER: “The My Way or the Highway plan.”


PARKER: “If the prices are known in advance and require a copayment rather than coinsurance, it must be a dental HMO plan.”

FLO: “I agree, Noel. That is an HMO plan.”

NOEL: “And that would be right. HMOs require you stay in-network or the plan doesn’t pay so circle gets the square. Chance, it’s your go, sir.”

CHANCE: “I’ll take Ethan Extraction for the block.”

NOEL: “Ethan, this online dental insurance program will provide you a free quote with just your age and zip code.”

ETHAN: “They will? I mean, yes, they will.”

NOEL: “Who will?”

ETHAN: “Who will what?”

NOEL: “Who will provide you a free quote with just your age and zip code?”

ETHAN: “Amazon. Amazon does that.”

NOEL: “Chance, Ethan says Amazon will provide you a free quote with just your age and zip code. What do you say?”

CHANCE: “Er, uh…true.”

NOEL: “Oh, I’m sorry Chance, but that is incorrect. The correct answer is Dental Insurance Store. In fact, let’s take a brief commercial break and look at that right now. If you go to the link here, or as seen on your screens at home, you can get a free dental quote on plans available in your area anytime, day or night – all by just entering your age and zip code.

Johnny, tell our viewers what else is available at Dental Insurance Store.”

ANNOUNCER: “Alright Noel! Dental Insurance Store also offers the ability to view and compare up to five dental plans at a time. Online visitors can see the plan details and costs of any plan, as well as access the site’s Free Buyer’s Guide, review frequently asked questions on every plan, and even self-enroll, 24/7!

They can also call and talk to a professional customer services agent from 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday at 1-888-299-6441. No hype, no pressure, just the right plan at the right price.”

ME: Thanks Johnny; I’ll take it from here. Thanks for reading Agent Straight-Talk, and if you think your lack of dental coverage has you “boxed in” with seeing a dentist, call us today.

Finally, don’t be a square yourself, which is exactly what you will be if you aren’t following us on FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+, and LinkedIn.

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