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Are constant cleanings for your family worth breaking the bank?

Aug 25, 2011

Example Situation: Every parent should be vigilant about getting their children's teeth cleaned every six months. But what do you do if you also want the freedom to see any dentist you like? 

Costs: Depending on where you live in the country, a family of five getting its teeth cleaned twice a year can rack up $1,100 in out-of-pocket costs every year. Yikes!

Example Solution: Choosing an indemnity plan will cover all five members of your family and allow them to see any dentist they choose.  And because most indemnity plans cover cleanings without waiting periods, those cleanings that formerly cost $1,100 a year are now only $220. Shop carefully and you can even find a plan that covers the cost of cleanings completely after just three years in the plan, meaning that your family of five will each get two cleanings a year at no charge!

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