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Need to FIX your teeth FAST in Arizona?

Aug 25, 2011

Example Situation: Over time, life happens. It’s not that you had neglected your teeth (after all, you always brushed and flossed after meals and watched the sweets), it’s that your family came first and money was tight. But now (let's say that they’re grown and out of the house), it's time to get your smile back in shape for the grandkids.

Costs: After your checkup, let's say your dentist said you needed a filling and two crowns to fix two broken teeth. Depending on where you live in the country, a filling costs between $100 and $200 dollars. Crowns can get expensive. One porcelain-fused-to-base-metal crown can run, again depending on where you are in the country, from $740 to $1,250.

Example Solution: Let's say your priorities are speed and costs. Some dental insurance plans make you wait up to 18 months before they’ll help out with costs. If you're willing to see another dentist to take advantage of the price breaks, a discount dental plan can be your wallet's best friend.  You can find a plan in Phoenix that costs just $8.95 a month plus a one-time enrollment fee of $30. And your plan's effective date is usually within two business days after your payment and application have been accepted. The savings? Your single-surface filling now costs $43 and your porcelain-fused-to-base-metal crowns are only $458 apiece.

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